April 27, 2009


I think this is 1st ever attended this kind of green event. It's very interesting experience and at the same time very inspirational on how keeping the earth more green. You feel your life will be different after seeing such event like these.

I bought some merchandise and i'm about to ask 'can i have a plastic bag' since they don't give you anything to carry those stuff... booth me and them are a bit stupid there. Their bag is very expensive wooo... !!! tesco bag is more cheaper lolz.

Actually, i'm still waiting for that bag design of mine during kl design week. Dunno what happen?!... Probably got to have to give them a call later.

Since i was in the curve, i had a walk at ikea and have a lunch there. I came across this one small booth that giving away free non-woven bag. It's a good effort to encourage people to not use plastic bag. My friend doesn't like it coz its ugly...

"The green begins here!"

April 5, 2009


The event took place at caps square, which i have never been there before. I'm so excited when i saw one of my bag was displayed that day!!! and i was lucky enough to see their last exhibition... It's pretty impressive. But, the closing event was horrible... really disappointed. That evening, there's supposed to announce the winner of 'become' bag design, but i missed it.

Lets hope for 2nd times next year, its get better.