April 26, 2010


Wuaahhh... this is my first experience in this flea market business!!! Doing it with my friends. It's tiring but it's fun.

Since I'm here at the flea market, I've actually missed to go to CutOut "Show It. Don't Hide" event competition at Dasein Academy of Art on saturday. Since I'm not shortlisted, I think it's ok lolz... some more, I don't have easy transport to got there.


After the Sanif Olek screening... I went out to see these!!! Cool works ehh...

April 25, 2010


Apologized for the late post!!!... Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ok!

Been to his little screenings the "Love Trilogy" at The Annexe Gallery, KL. Missed his 2 short films but managed to watched the last one and an extra in progress clips for his upcoming film "Ramuan Rahasia". The 3 films are Lost Sole, à la folie (like crazy) and "Ameen". Can't believe I've missed it!!! Damn. Anyway, if you guyz want to know what its all about, watch the trailer clips below.

Lost Sole | LOVE trilogy #1

à la folie "like crazy" | LOVE trilogy #2

AMEEN | LOVE trilogy #3

Also, check out his blog and website for more info about him!!! Enjoy...

April 20, 2010


This is a Malaysia-Singapore contemporary photography exchange exhibition presented by The Annexe Gallery (Kuala Lumpur) and 2902 Gallery (Singapore). The exhibition showcased the unique visions of 8 contemporary photographers from Malaysia (Bernice Chauly, Lim Thian Leong, Minstrel Kuik & Tan Chee Hon) & Singapore (John Clang, Muhamad Nuruddin, Ore Hui Ying & Teo Chai Guan).

"That's the effect of living backwards," the Queen said kindly: "it always makes one little giddy at first."
- "Through The Looking-Glass", Lewis Carroll

...and what else did I've done during the exhibition, other than just looking around... I did some little shopping too. I can't resist it... so damn nice!!!

April 16, 2010


Bought this from Gene & Hue (inside SODA boutique) at Times Square Megamall, KL. Love the design!!!...


Talking about postcards, instead of using it to send to people... I actually keep them (especially the nice one lolz). I love love love collecting postcards!!! Actually I've got a lot more but it's too many and too old. Will show you guyz the picture of all my postcards if I happen to stick it them all on the wall. Heheheee...

This free postcards are from look and take. I took it at Palate Palette Check them out at www.lookandtake.com.my

I've got this postcards last year during KL Design Week 2009. It's actually front & back... nice in both side!!! Check out their cool stuff here!


I think this is a very interesting stuff to share for those who never seen this, since it's quite hidden... This small shops was build inside The Mall, KL. If you guyz past by PWTC or feeling hungry & thirsty, do check out these unique buildings. Enjoy!!!

Here is a bit history about The Mall from wikipedia:

The Mall is a shopping mall located along Jalan Putra in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is situated across the street from the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) and the Pan Pacific Hotel. The complex was build by Metroplex Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (MHSB) and opened in 1987 by Mahathir bin Mohamad, the ex-Prime Minister. At the time The Mall was the largest shopping centre in Malaysia and was build to attract more shoppers from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. The Mall has many specialised outlets with a variety of items such as souvenirs, clothing and antiques.


Talking about books, the only thing that interest me is; not the novel... b'coz i hate reading with lot lot lots of words... So, they have all these booths and luckily... I mean luckily they have booth for comic & magazine. So, thanks to them that I don't have to go home and regret ever going to this book fair. Anyway... it's actually an interesting event for those who love books and want to expend their knowledge.

If you guyz don't believe me, see for yourself what did I bought during that event!...

If you guyz are comics lover, you guyz should check out this 2 graphic novels. And it's in malay languange... You might notice that these 2 comics hardly to be spotted or available in shops, so do check out here for more details.

April 15, 2010


Just bought this Yusof Gajah alphabets set (A-Z) during the MAP KL Arts Festival. You guyz can also get it at Kinokuniya, KLCC at only RM10. I love how the art of elephant transform into alphabets... brilliant!!! To find out more, check out his blog here.

"Gajah" means elephant... You will see most of his arts is base from elephant.

p/s: Has to change "V" into "A" coz there's only one A inside the box. Heheheee...

April 3, 2010


So far... my accessories are only these!!!

My favourites... other than D&G perfume no. 1 Le Bateleur;

This wing necklace is from Sui Generis. Check out more at www.suigeneris.com.my or drop on their facebook.

The ceramic necklace by Fauzi Tahir. Check him out at his facebook!

Owhh... and that chest treasure box is from KK Home Deco, Ampang. Well, I'm thinking if I got more money, will get the bigger one!!! heheheee...


Sorry for the late post, have been busy this week. Here are some of the photos during that amazing and cool event!!! Its happened in 2 days, but I only went there on the 1st day. Thanks Jee Wan for informed this to me, if not I would have missed it!!!

More info about the event check out www.mapkl.org.

What's there...

The Bazaar...

The Events...