August 25, 2008


The poster pretty much saying that it still under progress!!! Since I'm putting the date, I somehow need to push myself to finish this website as soon as possible. Wish me luck!!!

August 4, 2008


Overman King-Gainer.

I've been waited for ages to buy this one particular action figure. Heheheee...


On the way back from Pavilion Mall, I bought some unusual kids magazine from UK... stunned, because it's so damn nice. Actually, it's very inspiring for me because of its drawings. Make me wonder, how come we don't made something like this here.

Anorak: The Happy Mag for Kids


I'm pretty much struggling right now to finish up my website. Anyhow, need to be up this month. Time is really torturing me.

Still, I need to get out for this rural place of my home (current home), by going out to KL. Usual place and usual activity; watching movie in the cinema at Pavillion. I managed to watch 2 movies today. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army & The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Honest to say; Hellboy is really good but The Mummy was very disappointed. Enough with that.

Actually, on the way to the Mall. I saw some interesting artist piece of art at the entrance of Pavilion Shopping Mall. It's actually really inspiring and bring a different perspective and environment to the shopper. Good work for allowed these artist to have a piece of his creativity. Should do this more. Definitely check this out.

Cuprocking by Mooks