October 4, 2010


Usavich (ウサビッチ, Usabitchi, from うさぎ "usagi", rabbit, with "vich" giving it faux Russian flavor?) is a series of animated short films being created for MTV Japan by Satoshi Tomioka and his studio Kanaban Graphics since 2006. It is about an odd couple of rabbits imprisoned in a Soviet prison. While the first season shows the absurd everyday occurrences of the two rabbits' prison life, the second season tells the adventures of their escape and life on the run. Season 3 is currently running, and revolves around their adventure to the 13th and top floor of a shopping complex in a city.
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Aren't they too cute to be in prison!!! For those who can't get enough of these, the animation is available in local store (hoorayyy). Here is a preview!!! Enjoy...

or find out more at http://www.mtvjapan.com/usavich/

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